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Rooftop Sword Master


A boy who is bullied, and forsaken, is chosen by a sword that falls from the sky. Um garoto que é intimidado e abandonado é escolhido por uma espada que cai do céu.

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Aulia Rahman 00:24 - 08/30/2021 Chap 85
revenge manhwa at it finest
Aulia Rahman 11:06 - 09/04/2021 Chap 86
I really love that sinister smile ecstacy from revenge xD
xbxjdjdjsjs 13:34 - 09/12/2021
hahah this isn't revenge it's just merciless killing lol, I understand getting the people that caused it but instead he thinks it's everyone's fault and goes for them
Rajan M 06:21 - 10/18/2021
This is a... masterpiece
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