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Marchen - The Embodiment of Tales


Marchen had his life saved by Lady Aran-Seol who used the 6-point Spiraling Arts hidden sacrificial technique to transfer all her ki energy into his body. Since then Lady Aran"s body has begun to get weaker and sickly and Marchen has gained the "Indestructable Golden Body". Aran wants to train him to continue the legacy of the Spiraling Arts and the Byeol Chun Lim clan but, Marchen does not want to train, he enjoys reading. Lady Aran decides take Marchen to Byeol Chun Lim clans hidden library with 1,000"s of books on martial arts and secret techniques. With his inherited ability "The Embodiment of Tales" Marchen immerses himself in the stories he reads and quickly learns new techniques. How will this help protect his life and what will be the future of the Byeol Chun Lim clan.

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krimson kaiser 21:21 - 05/22/2020
chapters 1 - 20 are broken
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